Selected Projects

Talent Experience in 2020


Intuit conducted a employee survey and the results surprised them: 45% said they are NOT doing the best work of their lives.

Intuit has tremendous competition surrounding them for the top talent, most notably Google and LinkedIn sitting right across the street. PwC was engaged to re-align their talent strategy and design a common vision for the future of talent experience. They are already one of the best companies to work for, but times are changing fast and they want to remain a leader in HR strategy. This seamless experience would help land awesome talent and help employees grow to their potential.

Design-driven workshop

PwC held a workshop in Mountain View to hear from employees across all departments on the problems they were facing. Common themes included siloed workstreams, inefficient processes, and lack of connectedness.

Employees were actively engaged, having fun, and really excited to share their perspective on how to enable real change.

Personas drove the design

The key to solving the problem was understanding the right personas and the relationships between them. If we were to enable employees in the best way, managers and HR reps had to put people in the right place. It had to be one ecosystem with different views for different roles (e.g. employee vs senior leader).

CLA•I•RE can help

Both the heart and mind of the experience, guides employees in the right direction to keep them engaged. She's not intrusive, but will present herself when she thinks you need a little push to apply to that project she knows you'd be perfect for. can find mentors, projects, or show you the latest offering from the company.

Intranet designs

Building off the great foundation of their existing intranet, the new design was employee-focused and integrated with We brought in PwC's HR thought leadership to help employees better understand feedback and see constant growth in their career.

The right device with the right data

The story flow includes multiple characters with a variety of devices (mobile, tablet, desktop, TV). We took into account what type of information each role would want to see. Managers would likely be on the go with a tablet, and a senior leader would want to view multiple projects at once on a big screen.

Designs in action

The story comes to life

Our story centers around an employee Sabeeta, who receives a LinkedIn connection request from an outside recruiter regarding the "amazing" opportunities available for candidates like her in the year of 2020. It follows herself, a manager, HR rep, and senior leadership throughout the successful vision lifecycle of a new HR experience.

Instead of engaging with the recruiter, she decides to check out the latest personalized content that ‘Intuit Insights’ has for her today.

*Make sure the audio is enabled*

Where is it now?

When you combine the voice of employees with design thinking, and add in best practices from PwC human capital, it yields powerful results.

Here's what I can share with you: Intuit is well on their way to increasing the already amazing reputation of keeping employees engaged; and will help those engaged employees do the best work of their lives.

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